Climate smart farming and water management for selected supply chains in Erbil, Iraq 2020.

Kurdistan is facing limited rainfall and an input based farming system. Excessive
use of fertilizer and monocropping has caused a steady decline in soil quality.
New agricultural production methods are required to sustain production, limit
input use and reduce the stress on the limited water sources.

Incorporation of trees in theses systems are essential to adress all these
matters at once. Over 2020-2021 SOWATR will – together with local farmers –
establish an approach to incorporate trees in the local farms meanwhile
increasing productivity and enhance biodiversity.

Erbil, Iraq. Trees have been removed all over Kurdistan during the war. A strategy needs to be developed to stop further degradation of agricultural soils

Basrah, South Iraq 2020

And the extreme heat and saline irrigation water make the conditions in Basra, a city in southern Iraq challenging.
New farming systems are being developed to face these challenging conditions using innovative technologies and expertise of climate-smart farm design in cooperation with Iraqi local experts and Universities.

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